Kansas City Chiefs' Brandon Flowers Has Been A Synchronized Machine

By Troy Alan
Denny Medley – USA Today Sports

In Chinese philosophy, the yin and yang are thought of as complementary forces rather than as two unpredictables that work for or against an entity. In laymen’s terms, it’s a belief that something bad may happen for a good reason and vice versa. Being successful in the NFL requires a strong credence similar to this, it’s often explained by coaches as “having a short memory.”

Yin is the “shady side” of the symbol, and in pro football terms it could be most predominantly worded simply as injuries. Injuries are never seen in a good light, but every team has to deal with them at some point in the course of a season. They’re the casualties of a long war.

Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Brandon Flowers has felt the ups and downs this season. A nagging knee has had him on-and-off the field. He’s played in 5-of-7 games (though was very limited against the Philadelphia Eagles) for the undefeated Chiefs. On Sunday against the Houston Texans, Flowers led the team in tackles with six. He also helped secure a 17-16 victory with a fourth quarter sack of Houston QB Case Keenum.

When asked about the play No. 24 said, “I knew I had to get there in time, because my fellow DBs were playing man coverage back there.”

Thrice this season Flowers has been Kansas City’s top defender and this was the second consecutive in games which he’s participated. Flowers was inactive in Week 6 against the Oakland Raiders.

It’s interesting that in the three contests he has led the Chiefs in tackles, his team has won by a combined total of 11 points. The games have been tight, decided by an average 3.6 points. Two of them (against the Texans and Dallas Cowboys) have come down to the Kansas City defense needing to protect a one-point lead late. Brandon had 10 tackles against Dallas.

The Chiefs have outscored opponents by 77 points (an average of 19.2 PPG) on days when their starting left corner wasn’t at his best. Those games weren’t even close.

Swiss psychologist Carl Jung developed the theory of synchronicity. His thinking also did not deny the occurrence of causalities, but deemed their timing of importance. He philosophized that they could be meaningful coincidences.

The yang or “bright side” of Flowers’ (and Kansas City’s) season is that he’s been there when needed the most. His timing has been impeccable. The Chiefs 7-0 start has been, in my opinion, one of synchronicity. You can call it luck, karma, coincidence, God’s will… whatever you want.

If  Brandon Flowers and the Chiefs wind up winning the Super Bowl this year, he will have a more pressing task than going to Disney World. He needs to go buy a Swiss watch.

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