Philadelphia Eagles Rumors: Team To Sign Tim Tebow?

By Andrew Fisher
Tim Tebow St. Louis Rams Sam Bradford
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Just when you thought that there couldn’t possibly be anymore Tim Tebow rumors this year, Twitter has once again exploded with speculation. The cause of all the online buzz? The former quarterback was spotted at an airport in Philadelphia. That’s it.

The only reason the rumor has any legs, is simply because of all the injuries the Philadelphia Eagles have a quarterback. Michael Vick is likely going to be on the shelf for several more weeks with a hamstring injury, while Nick Foles has yet to be cleared following his concussion in week seven. On top of that, Matt Barkley has been far from impressive in his first two professional games.

So of course, some people are going to connect the dots and conclude that Tebow will sign with the Eagles.

At this time, there are zero reports of the Eagles having any interest in the popular QB. I don’t know why they would, either.

I don’t like the fit. Chip Kelly‘s offense is probably a little bit better with a QB who can run, but the QB also has to be able throw it around the field. That’s not something Tebow is real good at. It’s the main reason why no one else has picked him up. The other reason is of course the circus that comes along with him.

Tebow can’t throw and the Eagles don’t need the distraction that comes along with him. Nice try Twitter, but it’s a safe bet that the lefty QB will stay unemployed for the remainder of the 2013 season.


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