New York Giants' Midseason MVPs

By Jay Cullen
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Giants have had a tough season, but that does not mean everyone has been bad. Certain players have shown development, others have maintained their excellence even while the team as a whole has been bad. For the Giants, there are two real stand outs, one on offense and the other on defense.

The offensive MVP has to be Victor Cruz. Cruz had high expectations coming into the season and many were doubting him at the same time. Hakeem Nicks was the supposed no. 1 receiver, but if Cruz had a quiet season, his new contract would seem like a waste.

Well, Cruz ended that conversation, clearly showing he is both worth the money and is the no. 1 wide receiver so far. He leads the team in receptions, yards and salsa dances. In fact, Cruz is really the only Giants player at a skill position that doesn’t receive  blame for the slow start. Cruz has been and will be crucial for the Giants.

On defense, Prince Amukamara has quietly become a top cornerback and is the MVP for the Giants. Amukamara started this last year and was rated a top-10 cornerback by pro football focus. He has continued it this year locking down the other team’s top threat. His slowed both DeSean Jackson and Dez Bryant to halt when they played the Giants. Amukamara is not a big hitter and thus, he often does not get the credit he deserves. No one sees him make big plays because the quarterback simply doesn’t throw to the player he is covering very often.

Each of these players has really played well for the Giants even with all of the team’s issues. Hopefully they can keep up their good play while the rest of the Giants get their act together.

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