Houston Texans Had No Reason To Keep Ed Reed

By Andrew Fisher
Ed Reed
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Well, that escalated quickly. Ed Reed has been released by the Houston Texans. This comes just two days after the veteran safety openly criticized his ‘new’ team after a loss to the Arizona Cardinals. Reed’s tone was certainly that of a guy who wasn’t happy. So given that he had already been demoted from the starting lineup and that the Texans have no chance of making the playoffs, Houston management made the call to just flat out release the veteran safety.

It’s safe to say that everything in Houston hasn’t gone to plan this season. The Texans were forced to bench Matt Schaub, Gary Kubiak suffered a mini-stroke and the team flat out wasn’t playing well. After losing seven games in a row and basically being ruled out of the playoffs, it was time to start looking towards 2014. Reed was clearly not a guy in the future plans.

So what’s next for the veteran safety?

On the surface, he looks like a player who’s old and washed up. But you have to wonder if his unhappiness in Houston was causing him to underperform on the field. Maybe if he’s placed in a better situation, his play will improve? But at the same time, we are talking about a 35-year old football player with a ton of mileage on his body. This could very well be the end for Reed, but I doubt it.

I believe he will continue his career this season with a playoff team. That’s what he signed on for in 2013. He didn’t sign up to play on a 2-7 team going nowhere. It will be interesting to see if he clears waivers, because then he’ll be free to go anywhere. If that happens, let the ‘return to the Baltimore Ravens‘ speculation begin.


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