Chip Kelly Needs To Name Nick Foles Starting Quarterback For Philadelphia Eagles

By Ryan Wenzell
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Chip Kelly can’t play this game all season long. At some point he has to name Nick Foles the starting quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles. What more can Foles do? He has thrown 10 touchdowns compared to zero interceptions in his last two starts and has the highest quarterback rating in the entire league.

His 16 touchdowns to zero interceptions is also the second most touchdowns thrown without an interception in league history. Those are mind-blowing numbers for the second-year quarterback. Coach Kelly keeps saying he won’t determine a starter until Michael Vick is healthy. The question is why?

Plenty of players have lost their job to injury or have simply been bypassed on the depth chart due to performance. The Eagles have no long-term commitment to Vick so it seems silly to let this situation play out a few more weeks simply because Vick has a nagging hamstring injury.

It has become clear due to performance and record who gives the Eagles the best chance to win. It is Foles and it isn’t close. Besides winning games this season there is another added benefit to playing Foles the rest of the way.

The Eagles simply need to see what they have in him. He has had a couple of excellent showings, but there are some big games coming up down the stretch that will determine if the Eagles qualify for the playoffs or not. It is of utmost importance that the Eagles see how Foles responds to pressure like this.

It also dictates if Howie Roseman and company have to go after a quarterback in the draft. Many questions have yet to be answered, but one has been answered already: Foles is the starting quarterback for this football team.

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