The 2014 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Will Be 2013 Kansas City Chiefs

By Shaun P Kernahan

In 2012, the Kansas City Chiefs went 2-14 and had the first overall pick in the NFL draft. Despite the fact their top overall pick, Eric Fisher, is out for the year, the team is 9-0 and are a lock to be in the playoffs this year.

This year’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers are showing all the signs of a team that might be able to make a similar jump next season. Mike Glennon is quickly proving himself as a quality NFL quarterback in his rookie year, and one can only anticipate he will get better next season. He also has a big target in Vincent Jackson and Mike Williams — Williams is out for the year and getting him back will make the passing game that much better.

In addition, the Bucs have two running backs injured, Doug Martin and Mike James, that have had success and could prove to be a 1-2 punch for years.

While things are looking good on offense, there might be even more upside on the defense. The run defense is one of the best in football for the second straight season, and they have added the best shutdown corner in the league in Darrelle Revis, who has obviously been slowed after coming back from a torn ACL in 2012.

If the Bucs continue to have one of the worse records in football they will be one of the only teams at the top of the draft that will not be looking for a quarterback, putting them in prime position to draft the best pass rusher to come out of college in quite some time in Jadeveon Clowney.

The only thing left the Bucs need to upgrade is at head coach. Greg Schiano has been a terrible game manager and his style doesn’t seem to work in the NFL. Adding a veteran head coach like a Lovie Smith would be just the kind of hire to get the team over the hump and make the Buccaneers a legit playoff contender in 2014.

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