Should The Washington Redskins Try A Two Quarterback System?

By John Beauchamp
Washington Redskins
Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Throughout the history of the NFL it has been fairly clear that a two quarterback system does not work very well with many players, coaches and analysts pointing out the flaws of this system. They brought up some great points saying that a quarterback needs to get into his rhythm starting all the way at the practice field.

This is very true, but when a team is struggling to make the playoffs, like the Washington Redskins, maybe it’s time to try something new. Robert Griffin III has had his struggles in every statistical category this season nearly doubling his interception count from five to nine, dropping his quarterback rating almost 30 points, and he still has yet to score a rushing touchdown.

Griffin’s struggles have not only affected his performance, but it has also affected the entire Redskins squad which finished Week 10 with a 3-6 record. However, the Redskins were in the same situation last year when they turned everything around winning seven games in a row.

So it is possible that the Redskins can still reach the playoffs, but only if Griffin actually uses his legs and puts his body on line. This is why the Redskins should install backup Kirk Cousins into the offense cycling with Griffin. These players are so different that every play could be something different with just Griffin in, just Cousins in, or even both of them in the game.

Offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan needs to develop a pistol formation using both Griffin and Cousins in the backfield. This formation can provide endless possibilities with a motion from Cousins for a direct snap to Griffin or even a motion for Griffin to a Cousins pass; there are hundreds of variations that can be used between Cousins and Griffin. The two quarterback system could be deadly to all defenses in the NFL if it is performed correctly. The Redskins have all the pieces to perform it, and now they just have to put the idea into motion.

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