Shades of the Past for Philadelphia Eagles in Sunday's Win

By Matt Shaner
John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

It started with a story breaking before the game. The Washington Redskins said that their bus was egged on the way in to the stadium and posted pictures to show the proof. The national media jumped in with their usual chastising of the Philadelphia Eagles‘ fans. Something special was in the air in south Philly. The ghost of the Vet made its presence felt over one impressive game that finally broke the home losing streak and put the Eagles in prime position to win their division.

It kept going with LeSean McCoy stealing a fan’s Redskins flag after scoring a touchdown. He was taking back home field, literally, and sending an important message; this is not a team to mess with. This is a group of fighters, one that will not roll over and will always go down swinging. When the offense struggled in the fourth quarter, the defense stepped in and channeled the Buddy Ryan era.

Fletcher Cox put together a Reggie White– style performance, dominating the line and almost having two interceptions. Trent Cole grabbed two sacks. The entire group pounded Robert Griffin III and Alfred Morris, dictating the game and making the Redskins react. It was more than overdue. For years now, we’ve wanted a team that would impose their will on the opponent and finally it looks like they have arrived.

They may not be perfect and there are still five games left to prove they can close the deal and make the playoffs but, for one beautiful afternoon, they had fun and played like the Gang Green Defense of legend. It was a great day to be an Eagles’ fan and I can’t wait to see what Chip Kelly comes up with after an extra week to prepare for the final run to end the season.

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