Atlanta Falcons: Defense Nowhere To Be Found

By Daniel Chi
Atlanta Falcons
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During the four-game losing streak that started off against the Arizona Cardinals, the Atlanta Falcons‘ defense has been going in the wrong direction. They allowed the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to put up 41 points against them in their latest loss, which is the most points allowed by the Falcons this year.

The Falcons defense has literally been missing in action (MIA) this entire year, and they arguably had one of their worst performances this past Sunday. They allowed a rookie quarterback to complete 20-of-23 passes, nearly 87 percent, and an unproven back named Bobby Rainey, released by the Cleveland Browns, to rush for 163 yards and score three total touchdowns.

On top of that, they allowed Pro Bowl receiver Vincent Jackson to have his way again as he carved up the Falcons’ secondary all day long with this 10 catches for 165 yards and one touchdown.

Although the Falcons’ defenders have made it a tradition to at least give up one 40-yard play and make the worst teams look like a well-oiled offensive machine, their latest loss is beyond the term embarrassing. Through out the game, the Falcons’ defenders looked out of place, over-matched, undisciplined and most importantly, they seemed passionless.

Instead of improving over time, the Falcons have done quite the opposite as they continue to trend towards being one of the worst defensive teams in every single category known to football. In the last four games, the Falcons have allowed their opponents to score an incredible 135 points.

The Falcons defense has been so bad that it would even make some of the worst quarterbacks like Brandon Weeden and Blaine Gabbert look like rock stars. With Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints next up on their schedule, they may end up  putting the Falcons’ defense on RIP status.

With the defense showing absolutely no signs of life the Falcons find themselves in an uncomfortable position. As the Falcons’ offense continues to struggle against everyone it seems like, their defense will need to get better since they seem to be on the field much longer than compared to the offense these days.

The Falcons better pray to the football gods and ask that their invisible defense may become visible once again. In a season where everything seems to be lost, the Falcons’ defense also seems nowhere to be found, which spells doom for a team that is already in the gutters.

Whether they blitz or play nine guys back to prevent any big play, the Falcons defense needs to step up and become visible so that they may lose with at least some dignity.

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