Connor Barwin Emerging As Philadelphia Eagles' Best Defensive Player

By Ryan Wenzell
John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

Connor Barwin is becoming the Philadelphia Eagles‘ best defender. He had another monster outing with a sack, a forced fumble, and another batted down pass for the long armed pass rusher.

Barwin has a knack for getting into passing lanes and batting down the football. It is something he took with him from the Houston Texans organization. Barwin is becoming the young leader of the outside linebacker group. Guys like Trent Cole and Brandon Graham have come under his wing to learn the intricacies of the outside linebacker position in the 3-4, as he is experienced in the system.

This has seemed to pay off. Cole also had his best game of the season on Sunday, and the defense as a whole has been balling the past six or seven weeks. Barwin is certainly one of the table setters for this turnaround on defense. Barwin is a versatile chess piece that Eagles defensive coordinator Billy Davis likes to move around.

Not only can Barwin rush the passer and bat down passes, but he also excels in coverage down the field on opposing tight ends. He can do a bit of everything the 3-4 defense.

Props to general manager Howie Roseman and company; it was an excellent move to pluck this guy from the Texans in free agency. He has come in and fit in perfectly while also teaching young guys and veterans alike the ins and outs of the 3-4.

Barwin and linebacker Demeco Ryans are the vocal leaders and table setters for the unit, and this defense will go as far as they take them.

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