Panthers vs. Saints: Cam Newton Should Enter Game With New-Found Confidence

By Michael Pidgeon
Cam Newton and Drew Brees
Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

On paper, Cam Newton isn’t anywhere close to the caliber of a quarterback Drew Brees is. However, the same could be said about Russell Wilson and look what happened when Brees’ New Orleans Saints met Russell’s Seattle Seahawks head-to-head on Monday Night Football. Wilson looked like the superior quarterback out of the two. After seeing that, Newton should have some new-found confidence and enter Sunday thinking he can now do the same thing to Brees.

Now I’m not trying to knock Wilson or Newton’s talents, but neither of the two can say they are a better pure quarterback than Brees. I think pocket passing quarterbacks like Brees are far better than scrambling quarterbacks like Newton and Wilson. However, games like the one on Monday that Russell had against Brees proves my theory wrong. Even with that said, if I had one game to win I would still take Brees — or just about any other great pocket presence —  over Cam or Russell on any given Sunday.

If Newton can enter the game Sunday against Brees with the idea that he can outplay Drew the same way Wilson did, the Carolina Panthers will have an even better shot at walking out of Sunday with the NFC South division lead. Brees and the Saints’ offense struggled terribly against the Seahawks’ defense, and their defense isn’t ranked No. 1 in the NFL. Carolina’s defense, on the other hand, is. That is just another reason the Panthers should be oozing with confidence this Sunday night.

Brees should be fully expected to play much better, especially since the game is in New Orleans. Newton can’t let that factor into his confidence, though. Seattle may have found a formula for defeating Brees and the Saints, and the Panthers just so happen have a team that can match that exact formula. If a solid defense and great play from a scrambling quarterback is enough to derail the Saints then Newton should be on cloud nine right now.

The divisional battle between the Saints and Panthers should be a good one, but it will come down to the play of Newton that will determine if Carolina can truly defeat the Saints in New Orleans.

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