Mike Shanahan To Blame For Washington Redskins' Disastrous Season; He Should Be Fired For It

By Ryan Wenzell
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Redskins‘ season has been an out and out disaster. They are a woeful 3-9 and have looked totally inept on both sides of the ball. If you remember, this is a team that was no slouch last season.

They made the playoffs, reeling off seven-straight wins to end the season after starting 3-6. It is starting to look like that little run was a fluke. The man in charge, Mike Shanahan, owns the majority of the blame for this.

It all stems from last season. He frankly handled Robert Griffin III poorly. Despite the players’ claims, he should have shut him down when he was hobbled late in the year and especially in the playoff game when he originally tweaked his knee.

Instead, he let Griffin ride it out and it nearly cost the kid his career. This season has been one long nightmare. It is clear the season’s over. So, why is RG III still in there? It has been obvious to everyone with two eyes that he wasn’t healthy from the very start of the season.

The better move would have been to go to backup quarterback Kirk Cousins early on in the season. The kid can play effectively in his own right. Obviously, it is too late now.

Shanahan and his offensive system have been exposed. He and his son Kyle Shanahan may have caught defenses off guard last year, but they seem to have adjusted to it. It is clear Shanahan needs to go.

It is time to start fresh and clean house with this coaching staff. I’d also maybe look to move on from Bruce Allen as GM. While selling the farm for Griffin III was generally looked at as a good move, I tend to think otherwise.

They have up a huge bounty to get him — an astounding three first round picks. You don’t mortgage the future for one player. Especially when other teams are finding quarterbacks who can do the job just fine in the second and third rounds. Now a terrible defense can’t be fixed due to the Skins’ lack of draft picks.

This franchise is in real trouble both now and in the future. It will be a while before this team is competitive again.

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