What Does Charles Woodson Think Green Bay Packers Should Do With Aaron Rodgers?

By Michael Terrill
What Does Charles Woodson Think Green Bay Packers Should Do With Aaron Rodgers
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The hottest debate in Wisconsin currently is whether the Green Bay Packers should play quarterback Aaron Rodgers on Sunday or shut him down for the season. The NFL Network decided to get veteran Charles Woodson, who played with the team for several seasons, to weigh in on the hot debate.

“With having a guy that you’re going to pay over $100 million, [if] you’re out of the playoffs, I would shut him down,” Woodson said, according to ESPN. “I know Aaron, and if he’s healthy I think depends on what his scans are telling him. I know he’s kicking and scratching trying to get back in the game. But having your franchise guy go out there and there is no chance at making the playoffs and you’re not really sure what’s going on with that shoulder [is a mistake].”

Woodson is someone who is very familiar with a broken collarbone. The living legend suffered an even worse injury in the first half of Super Bowl XLV. Knowing he couldn’t go back onto the field, he gave an emotional speech at half time that gave every single person in the locker room all the motivation needed to come away with the title. Woodson suffered another broken collarbone again last season in which he missed nine games.

“If you don’t have the confidence, the doctors don’t have the confidence in that shoulder, that you can go out there and the same thing is not going to happen again, I think you shut him down,” Woodson said. “I went through the same thing last year and I wanted to come back Week 12, 13, 14. But the scans never gave us that confidence, so I didn’t come back until the playoffs. So if they don’t have the confidence in those scans, I think you shut him down.”

Obviously, if the Packers lose to the Atlanta Falcons in Week 14, which could very easily happen if Rodgers doesn’t suit up, the season is all but over. That means the answer to the question if Green Bay should shut down Rodgers will become obvious.

With that being said, the season is far from over, in my opinion. With Rodgers under center, the Packers are definitely capable of winning out and clinching the NFC North division, especially since the Detroit Lions and Chicago Bears have difficult remaining schedules.

It’s a big risk to play Rodgers considering he could aggravate the injury, which could cost Green Bay next year. At the same time, the Packers shouldn’t give up hope on the playoffs until they know it’s over for sure.

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