There’s No Defending Tony Romo As Dallas Cowboys Blow Lead, Fall to Packers

By Cody Williams
Romo Cowboys blame
Matthew Emmons – USA Today Sports Images

Tony Romo has the narrative that you’ve undoubtedly heard by now surrounding his every move as quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys. When it’s late in the season, late in the game, or any type of important NFL situation, people always find a way to blame Romo for anything that goes awry with Dallas, even if he’s completely undeserving.

In week 15 as the Cowboys lost by a score of 37-36 to the Green Bay Packers, Romo deserves every bit of blame that is tossed in his direction.

After leading Dallas to a commanding 26-3 lead over the Packers going into halftime, Romo came out in the second half and was completely inept as a quarterback. Romo led the Cowboys to only 10 points in the second half, the touchdown only happening due to a fantastic catch in the red-zone by Dez Bryant.

More than not producing points in the second half in its entirety, Romo also fouled up late in the fourth quarter, throwing two interceptions in the last three minutes of the contest. Romo was completely and wholly the Tony Romo that gets the negative reputation he has in the second half and late in the fourth quarter against Green Bay.

In fairness, not all of the blame goes to Romo. Jason Garrett once again made the absolutely dumbfounding decision to abandon DeMarco Murray and the running game in the second half, an area where they had great success over the first 30 minutes of action. Garrett continues to make befuddling decisions that ultimately hurt his team.

However, Garrett’s shortcomings don’t excuse Romo in the slightest. I’ve defended Romo on several occasions because some of the slander that is thrown his way is a bit of a farce. This week, though, his performance was indefensible. This one’s on you, Tony.

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