5 Free Agents the Oakland Raiders Should Target This Offseason

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5 Free Agents the Oakland Raiders Should Target This Offseason

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After a 2013 season that saw the Oakland Raiders win only 4 games, they really don’t have a lot to hold to other than the win over the San Diego Chargers early in the season. They did fight hard and stay close in several games but there definitely needs to be changes before next season if they want to win more than a handful of games.

Their offense wasn’t the best but it was okay other than giving up too many sacks. In a perfect world they could improve their overall defense and offensive lines, things would look better. That of course is where free agency could come in for them. The salary cap does limit them so they can’t just go out and sign everyone they want but other teams are in that same situation.

That’s okay because what they need are core players that can help the offense win the battle at the line of scrimmage and defensive players who can hopefully keep the other team off of the scoreboard. There probably needs to be more changes than just players here and there but whatever other changes are made can be helped out by the presence of a few new players.

Everyone listed in the following 5 free agents the Raiders should target are interchangeable to a certain degree. These are the type of players this team needs and if possible they should go after them. If not they still need to go after others. Do you have a certain NFL free agent in mind the Raiders should aim for? Leave a comment below with that and any other information.

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Kevin Boothe – OG

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The Raiders need more options at the offensive line of scrimmage and whomever they can bring in that is capable of stepping up would be a good move. Boothe is a potential target.

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Eugene Monroe – OT

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Once again Monroe could be a potential upgrade on the line of scrimmage worth looking at.

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Zach Strief – OT

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Strief has been part of the Saints for a long time and is well respected on the O-line. He should be someone they target for sure.

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Michael Johnson – DE

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Johnson is one potential plus if the Raiders could bring him in to help with rush defense and also get a little pressure on the opposing quarterback.

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DeAngelo Hall – DB

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The pass defense was not good for the Raiders this season. Bringing in someone like Hall, if they could sway him, would be at least one potential shutdown corner option.

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  • NP

    Hall played for the Raiders numb nuts. He was horrible and Al had to cut him after 7 games. This is a terrible ‘article’

    • David Miller Rant

      Not sure why you are so upset by Hall but I would like to suggest that he is much better than you suggest. He had 4 INT – 2 returned for TD, 3 FF with 1 returned 75 yards for score along with 57 tackles and 26 passes defended. He’s only 30 years old and actually hasn’t played for the Raiders since the 2008 season. He wouldn’t be the first player ever to return to a place he had played before. I would suggest a second look were he still available at the time they were looking.

      I wasn’t trying to offend you by my suggestions. Perhaps you have a few thoughts on how the Silver and Black can improve on their 4 wins before next season? I would truly love to hear them. Thanks for your comments.

      • John F Reagan

        2 of the 5 players are former Raiders. Kevin Boothe was a 2006 draft pick.

        My suggestions would be they target Alex Mack and kick the Wiz to Guard. Resign barnes (as a Guard) and draft a Tackle. They should also target Grimes in FA or the Corner from Tennessee. They should should bring in a decent veteran back (or keep Jennings) and give Latavius Murray a chance to sign. DMC walks.
        In the draft they should take Manziel, Bridgewater, or Bortles if they are there at 5 and look like a sure thing during “the process” and also consider trading down to collect more picks. I think either of those 3 or Matthews/Robinson (Tackles) Clowney/Barr (Pass Rushers) or Sammy Watkins would make good first round picks for the Raiders. I think all of the 5 non-QB’s will be studs. I do not think it’s a big deal of the Raiders do not draft a QB this year because if it is an issue we could get Hundley, Mariotta, or Wilson among others, next year. They should focus on value and acquiring more picks because they have many needs across the board, and they are not going to fill them all in one offseason. There will be good depth in this draft for Offensive Linemen, Wide Receivers, Pass Rushers/Defensive Linement, and there are a few later round corners I like.

  • Dan

    Couldn’t have said it better myself NP. This article is crap

  • JH

    Unfortunately I have to agree with NP as well…

    • David Miller Rant

      Thanks for your comment. I do wonder if there are any suggestions as to what free agents you think the Raiders should go after? I really would love to discuss them.