Seattle Seahawks Fans Show Class With Generous Donation To San Francisco 49ers Fan

By Karim Akbar
Joe Nicholson – USA TODAY Sports

In a sea of 700,000 plus Seattle Seahawks fans there was one in particular who stood out. And he wasn’t wearing a Seahawks jersey; he was the only one clad in gold and red from head to toe. A clashing contrast to the throng of green and blue revelers flooding the streets for the Seahawks victory parade, Seahawks fans understandably wanted to figure out who this kid was. Pictures of the kid went viral later that day.



Seattle fans felt he was definitely brave and obviously supportive of his team but were curious to know more. They got it, and what they found out was more than they ever imagined.

What they found out is that the kid,15, has lived in and out of homeless shelters for the last year. In fact he is a ward of the state of Washington. Once Seattle fans found this out they jumped at the chance to help however they could with some pledging money to purchase tickets for the boy to see his first ever San Francisco 49ers game at the new Levi’s Stadium.

Originally the young fan sought money to get airfare and tickets to the 49ers game. As of Sunday that public trust had swelled to $10,200 worth of donations which will go towards college tuition and housing. Though he will not gain access to the money until he turns 18 it’s already improving his quality of life.

After setting up a proper account with the boy’s case worker, Seahawk fans are either emailing support and money or offering whatever they can. Stable housing is without a doubt something every kid deserves. The 12th man is a classy bunch that definitely assists at home games, but this may be their biggest and best assist ever.

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