Brett Favre's Confidence in Johnny Manziel Won't Improve NFL Draft Stock

By Connor Muldowney
Brett Favre
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It seems like the Johnny Manziel talk is starting to heat up with the NFL Combine underway and the 2014 NFL Draft just a couple of months away. Sure, the draft isn’t until may this year, but it’s not too early for former players to start endorsing who they think will make good selections. In fact, Brett Favre has been talking about Manziel lately — and yes, it’s nothing but good.

Favre was quoted recently, saying that he was watching film of the Texas A&M Aggies‘ star QB and he almost thought it was film of a younger Favre — but with an even better arm.

In case you’re wondering, Favre had over 70,000 passing yards and over 500 touchdown passes in his career and he’s saying that Manziel has a better arm than he did when he first got into the league. Favre seemed to be in awe of the young quarterback and basically put in his endorsement of Manziel being drafted early.

“I didn’t throw near as well as him. He may have that capability — unbelievable throws and can makes plays with his feet. I was impressed.”  -Brett Favre

For Favre to say this is somewhat of a big deal, but teams won’t think of Manziel any different because of one man’s opinion — albeit Favre is one of the best QBs of all time.

Manziel must prove his worth during the NFL Combine as well as his pro day. If he performs well during both of those as well as his interviews, he will be a top pick — not because of Favre.

It’s pretty cool to see such a legendary quarterback give the young star some high praise.

Hey, if Johnny Football can be half as good as Favre was, I would say that’s a pretty successful career.

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