Salary Cap Increase Guarantees Anquan Boldin Re-Signs With San Francisco 49ers

Salary Cap Increase Means Anquan Boldin is more signable
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

In what is welcomed news for all 32 NFL teams as well as many free agents and players looking for extensions, it has been reported that the salary cap for the 2014 NFL season will increase to $130 million. For the San Francisco 49ers, it may not mean anything when it comes to addressing and signing young core players to contract extensions, but it could turn out to be of value in signing current free agents on the roster.

The one player the team and fans want to re-sign above all others is wide receiver Anquan Boldin. It cannot be restated enough the value that Boldin had on the 49ers and the offense during the regular season as well as during the postseason with his production and in general as a leader. But entering this offseason, the possibility of the 49ers not being able to re-sign Boldin was a legit concern since the offer may not meet his demands.

The salary cap will be increase gives the 49ers some wiggle room in contract negotiations with Boldin and makes him returning to the team more likely. After all, the main reason the 49ers were able to acquire Boldin is because the Baltimore Ravens faced exceeding the salary cap number after they had re-signed Joe Flacco to a big money deal.

Given that contract negotiations can at times be contentious and one side is liable to break off talks because of a difference in a few hundred thousand dollars, the fact that the salary cap has now been increased means that it should make coming to a common number that much easier. Retaining Boldin is a no doubt number one priority or at the very near the top for the 49ers, but as long as the cap was likely to remain the same there would have been some doubts about the ability to re-sign Boldin. Now that the salary cap is scheduled to be increased to $130 million, it makes re-signing Boldin and to a lesser extent Phil Dawson an easier task.

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