Brett Favre is Showing His Age

By Andrew Fisher
Brett Favre Rams
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Brett Favre will never stay out of the headlines. As long as he’s walking the Earth, he’ll be a talking point in the sports world, for better or for worse. It used to be because he couldn’t make his mind up on retirement. Now, it’s because he’s looking a little like Santa Claus.

Check out this photo that surfaced on Reddit:

Clearly, Favre could care less about his looks these days. He appears to be a 60-year old man in the photo, even though he’s only 44. But we all know the toll football takes on players’ bodies.

However, you have to give the ol’ gunslinger credit for his nicely toned arms. What he’s lost in hair color, it looks like he’s more than made up for with arm days at the gym. He never looked this large during his playing days, but that’s probably because his workout regimen was far different. QBs don’t exactly have to be jacked.

As for what No. 4 is up to these days, he’s still the offensive coordinator for a Mississippi high school team. Oak Groove High School won the 6A championship in 2013, which prompted Favre to say this: “I can’t say it’s like a Super Bowl, but it’s pretty close. It really is. It’s a different type of feeling, but I couldn’t be more proud of these guys. It’s been a lot of fun.”

Favre isn’t sure yet if he’ll return to the team in 2014.


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