Russell Wilson Allegedly Steals Joseph Fauria's Girlfriend Erika Hammond

By RantSports Staff

For the most part, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is seen as a swell dude. He’s smart, well spoken, does plenty of charity work and always knows how to win the media’s (and public’s) heart with the things he does both on and off the football field. However, Joseph Fauria is not a fan.

According to the Detroit Lions tight end, Wilson did something (it’s unclear what exactly) with his girlfriend Erika Hammond that has put her loyalty in serious question.


Here’s the now-deleted tweet from Fauria, courtesy of @grade_eh_tweets:


The final line there is alluding to the recent struggles of current NFL free agent Brennan Clay, who outed his wife Gina D’Agostini for allegedly having an affair with Dallas Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray, who was Clay’s college teammate at Oklahoma. Clay has since filed for divorce.

Clay even responded to Fauria’s tweet:

Wilson filed for divorce back in April after two years of marriage, and appears to be taking full advantage of the single life — even if it means prowling on other players’ turf in the process. We’ll update if more information becomes available.

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