New Orleans Saints Shed Dead Secondary Weight With Inevitable Release of Brandon Browner

By Brad Berreman

The New Orleans Saints again had a dreadful defense last season, and there was no greater poster boy for that than cornerback Brandon Browner. When he wasn’t being penalized a league-high 23 times, Browner’s deficiencies in coverage were routinely exposed. So it was no surprise when the Saints cut him, with a post June-1 designation to spread out the remaining salary cap hit, on Thursday morning.

Browner saw the move coming back in early February, with a social media farewell to the city of New Orleans.

Browner spent the 2014 season with the New England Patriots, so their lack of desire to keep him should have been a big red flag to other teams. He did stay healthy enough to play all 16 games last season, for the first time since his 2011 rookie campaign with the Seattle Seahawks; however, the Saints clearly did not have a better option than Browner or they would have used it.

A dismal level of play was already sure to limit the market for Browner’s services, if and when he became available. Turning 32 before next season starts will also do him no favors now, and there’s no way any team with any interest will envision Browner as a starting corner. But in the right role, and in the right defensive scheme that can hide his shortcomings, Browner could still find a way to perform closer to the level he showed with the Seahawks. Reunion, anyone?

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