Atlanta Falcons LB Sean Weatherspoon Inexplicably Finds Uncashed Game Check

By Brad Berreman

Almost anyone can relate to finding something that was thought to be lost or was simply forgotten. Upon signing with the Atlanta Falcons after spending the 2015 season with the Arizona Cardinals, linebacker Sean Weatherspoon‘s fiancee found an uncashed game check in the midst of a move. Falcons reporter Vaughn McClure did the math, based on Weatherspoon’s $2.35 million base salary for last season, and came up with the check being worth around $138,235.

Apparently Weatherspoon had every other game check from the Cardinals direct deposited, and he explained the circumstance in a text message exchange with McClure.

“I was on my way home from working out when I received a picture of the check, dated Sept. 18,” Weatherspoon explained in a text message. “My fiancée found it in a stack of mail, I believe. I vaguely remember getting the hard copy after the Week 1 game. I’m not sure why it wasn’t directly deposited like all my other checks. I’m currently trying to contact [the Cardinals] now. LOL.”

I think we’ve all found extra dollars in our pocket, or in a hidden place, at some point in our lives. But finding an extra $138,000 laying around unaccounted for is a situation unique to a professional athlete, and it doesn’t appear that Weatherspoon realized he missed that money until six months after the fact.

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