New Orleans Saints Rumors: Drafting QB Paxton Lynch Would Be A Mistake

By Jacob Camenker

The lead-up to the 2016 NFL Draft has already been one of the most exciting in recent memory, and it could get more interesting as draft day approaches. One of the latest rumors is in regards to the New Orleans Saints and their quarterback situation. The team is reportedly interested in Memphis product Paxton Lynch, and they are considering taking him with the No. 12 overall pick. Saints fans better hope this rumor is a smokescreen, as adding Lynch would do little to help the team right now.

The main logic behind the Saints picking Lynch is flawed. Yes, Drew Brees is in the twilight of his career and the team will have to move on from him at some point, but they should try to build up the roster around Brees for one final playoff push. There will be so many solid defensive players available at the No. 12 slot and the team should take one of them. Besides, the Saints spent a third-round pick on Garrett Grayson last year, and if they give him time to develop he could turn into a solid pro.

Also, this class of quarterbacks is one of the weaker ones we have seen in the last few years. None of the top prospects are sure bets for success, and Lynch is a particularly polarizing prospect. He has elite size, mobility and displayed great accuracy and arm strength, but he is still a raw player who could have trouble adjusting to the NFL. Picking him in the top half of the first round would be a mistake, as he needs at least a couple of seasons to develop into a solid passer.

Reports have also said that the Saints may have to move up to get Lynch, as some teams in the top 10 may be interested in him. I doubt that would be the San Francisco 49ers, but the Cleveland Browns could be a possibility. The New York Jets and Buffalo Bills are interested in the passer as well, so if they tried to move up the Saints would have to outbid them, which would cost them a lot of future depth. It would not be a wise move to make.

The Saints simply have too many needs right now to draft a project quarterback in the first round. Give Brees another year or two and then consider taking a top quarterback if he begins to decline.

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