San Diego Chargers Make Questionable Choice Going With DE Joey Bosa

By Jacob Camenker

The San Diego Chargers held one of the more unknown picks in the 2016 NFL Draft prior to the actual event. Nobody knew who they were going to take, as they were deciding between four prospects at the position. The team ended up going with Joey Bosa from Ohio State and it was not a good move for the team.

Most of the top prospects available for the Chargers filled needs on the defensive line, in the secondary, or across the offensive front. Still, Bosa was worse than most of the prospects they were considering at the position. Offensive tackle Laremy Tunsil and defensive back Jalen Ramsey were better fits for the Chargers, and Bosa performed worse than them in the 2015 season.

Also, Bosa has had some off-the-field concerns that have plagued him during the draft process. He has lacked a motor and his attitude and effort are questionable. For those reasons, I thought that he would fall to the lower half of the top 10. Instead, he went earlier than most projected. Yes, he does possess the traits to develop into a solid pass rusher at the NFL level, but there are so many question marks around him. Selecting him with the third overall pick was not a great move.

Maybe Bosa will prove me wrong, but I really did not like this pick for the Chargers. They should have grabbed a player who could be a surefire success and fit into their defense like Ramsey. Instead, they grabbed a guy with some issues who might not be a great scheme fit. This pick could come back to haunt the Chargers.

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