Casey Drottar

Browns' Taylor Expendable Thanks to Shelton

The Browns cut Phil Taylor today, and the early returns from rookie Danny Shelton are a big reason why. Read More

Cleveland Browns' Running Game is Still a Concern

We're just a couple weeks away from the regular season opener, and the Cleveland Browns still have no idea who their starting running back is. Read More

Cleveland Browns Need Josh McCown to Limit Hits

Josh McCown took a few brutal tackles in this weekend's preseason game, and the Browns QB needs to ensure this doesn't happen often. Read More

Odds Favor Cleveland Browns Cutting Terrelle Pryor

Terrelle Pryor missed yet another preseason game last night, and it's looking more and more like he'll be cut from the Browns. Read More

McCown Provides Much-Needed Optimism for Browns

While Cleveland's quarterback situation is still cloudy, Josh McCown's efficient preseason performance last night definitely provided some hope. Read More

Tough to Buy Cleveland Indians' Wild Card Hopes

Though the Cleveland Indians are just five games back from the final AL wild card berth, it's tough to believe they can actually make the playoffs. Read More

Mo Williams Signing More Vital for Cavaliers Now

Kyrie Irving may not be ready to play again until January, likely making the Cavs incredibly thankful they signed Mo Williams this summer. Read More

Tim Couch Has Concerning Words on Manziel Injury

Tim Couch suffered the same elbow pain Johnny Manziel is feeling right now, and thinks the Browns need to be more concerned. Read More

Browns' Vince Mayle Leaving Much to Be Desired

Browns rookie wideout Vince Mayle is having a rough camp, and definitely needs to get his act together soon. Read More

Francisco Lindor Giving Indians Hope For Future

Francisco Lindor's hot streak is giving Cleveland Indians fans reason to be excited about the team's future. Read More