No Supplemental Discipline for Turris Following Corvo Hit

By Emma Harger

A hit that Ottawa’s Kyle Turris delivered to Joe Corvo during the Feb. 25 game in Ottawa was deemed unworthy of supplementary discipline by Brendan Shanahan.

The hit earned Turris two minutes for boarding at the time and Corvo was able to play the rest of the game. Because the Senators were scheduled to play on Feb. 26, Shanahan decided to hold a phone hearing with Turris sooner rather than later.

“After reviewing the video extensively as we heard Turris’ explanation of how the play developed, we concluded that the head was not targeted intentionally or even recklessly and that the circumstances surrounding the hit contributed significantly to the amount of head contact that resulted. We therefore have decided that there will be no supplemental discipline added to the penalty assessed on the play,” Shanahan explained.

He was satisfied enough with Turris’ input to let him off without even a warning. More detailed explanation is available here.



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