Roberto Luongo Sounds Open To Idea Of Joining Blackhawks

By Randy Holt

Until Roberto Luongo is actually traded, we’re going to continue to hear his name in trade rumors in connection with the Chicago Blackhawks.

Reports have already stated that Luongo preferred a trade to the Florida Panthers and not a mega-market like Chicago or Toronto. But his comments on Friday may have rekindled the rumors that we thought had fizzled out.

In an interview with a radio station in Vancouver, Luongo danced around a question about playing in Chicago, only saying that it’s one of many great places to play in the NHL and that it’s a place he has enjoyed playing in. Essentially, everyone is taking that as if he’d be open to a trade to the Chicago Blackhawks.

He also commented on the Blackhawks goal song, “Chelsea Dagger”, saying “I like that song. It’s catchy. I heard it seven times in one game.” It’s a quote that shows Luongo doesn’t take himself nearly as seriously as we thought and may not be the headcase everyone has him figured to be.

We still have absolutely no idea where Roberto Luongo will be playing next season. But after watching the Hawks go after Martin Brodeur, it’s clear that they’re exploring potential options between the pipes, and Luongo is very available.

I still stand by saying Luongo would be a good fit, and an upgrade over Corey Crawford (if that’s what the Blackhawks are looking for). There are two big concerns with potentially acquiring Luongo: his contract and how the fans might respond to such a move. I do wonder how the fans would handle seeing Luongo to begin with, let alone the first time he has a bad game. And I’m sure the front office has thought of it too.

Smart money still has Roberto Luongo taking his talents to South Beach at some point this summer. But you never know. The salary isn’t so much a concern as the years remaining on his contract are, so the Hawks could have some sort of plan to make it work. It’s still a longshot, but as long as Luongo remains in Vancouver, it’s worth keeping an eye on.

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