What To Expect From Captain Ryan Getzlaf

By Michelle Drinnenberg

Ryan Getzlaf was drafted by the Anaheim Ducks 19th overall in the 2003 draft. Since then, he has proven his worth and made quite a name of himself. In 2010, the Ducks caved into the recent trend of giving the captaincy to a young, talented star. Ryan Getzlaf has since filled that role.

Last season, his first year of poor performance was highly scrutinized. Criticism flooded the Duck boards wanting the captaincy to go to another player and some even questioned his future with Anaheim. I’ll admit I was one of them, but I didn’t suggest the latter of the two.

Getzlaf may not be like Zdeno Chara, but he’s a beast. He brings size, grit, skill, and depth to any team. Getz is an individual a team would build there team around and Anaheim has stuck to their guns in doing so. But you can’t help but wonder if he experiences another decrease in his performance that he might seek other options once this last year of his contract is up or, on the flipside, Anaheim might part ways with him or may try and low-ball him based on his recent numbers.

By all means, I am disappointed in Getzlaf. But, I am an avid believer that the captain should be given to a proven veteran with character. Maybe that’s why my disappointment in Getzlaf has gotten extreme. He is our captain; therefore, I expect more. Captains aren’t always the players who put the puck in the back of the net, but that’s Getlaf’s specialty and he failed to really do so last season.

Last year, Getz played the entire season and came out of it a minus player who only registered 11 goals. Those are numbers that speak volumes, but the one that bothers me the most is his shooting percentage. Getz had a meager 5.9% shooting percentage for the season, which make sense based on his low numbers. The Ducks are guilty of passing too much and looking for the pretty play, but as an offensive player like Getz has never had a problem putting the puck on the net.

I can’t see Getzlaf leaving Anaheim. He was drafted here and won a Cup with this city. Anaheim needs to make sure that remains certain or I can very much so picture Corey Perry parting ways if he were to ever be separated from his “twin.”

That’s a whole other story for another day.

Last year was hard to watch, but I don’t predict another season as such from our captain. The team made some changes, Teemu Selanne is back, and Getz has something to prove. If not for himself, or to win the cup, his new contract will follow after the season’s end and that’s something that most high paying stars will play for.


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