Columbus Blue Jackets Mascot Stars in “Gangnam Style” Parody Video

By Krista Golden
Photo by Jared Cherup via Flickr Creative Commons

What do the NHL mascots do during a lockout? Tommy Hawk has been seen rappelling off of a downtown Chicago building for charity. Stanley C. Panther has been laid off.

Stinger, the mascot for the Columbus Blue Jackets, is not resting in his downtime. Like Tommy Hawk, he recently rappelled off the PNC Building in downtown Columbus. But he’s also become a viral video celebrity of sorts after starring in the latest parody of a very popular video.

I’m sure you’ve all seen it in one form or another: it’s the video “Gangnam Style” by Korean pop sensation Psy. It’s become so popular that there are even versions by the United States Naval Academy’s Spirit Spot, the mascot of the University of Oregon and Ohio University’s marching band. Now Stinger joins their ranks.

Stinger shows his range as an actor by sneaking in his best rendition of a killer shark in the hot tub. The dancing is superb, especially the parking garage, and you really see the lengths that he’ll go to for camera time when he endures the wind machine and an incoming “wet floor” sign in the hallway.

Yes, his backup dancers are wonderful as well. They were made up of various employees of the organization.

Lest I forget, the backdrop for the final dance number is Nationwide Arena’s new Digital Media Center, which was set to be used this season for the first time. It was installed over the summer.

It’s too bad there’s a lockout – I think seeing James Wisniewski doing that little dance would be hilarious.

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