Tyler Seguin is Coming Home

By Emma Harger
Tyler Seguin is coming back to North America next month. Greg M. Cooper-US PRESSWIRE

Allow me to keep your expectations in check after reading that headline: yes, Tyler Seguin is coming back to North America for a time next month, but no, it’s not because he expects the NHL lockout to be resolved by then and for the November Boston Bruins games to be un-canceled.

It’s just because his team in Switzerland, EHC Biel, has some free time coming up in their November calendar. After they take on HC Davos on Nov. 3, Biel won’t take the ice again until Nov. 16 versus HC Fribourg-Gotteron.

This seems to be a National League A-wide break. The full league calendar shows that there are no games scheduled at all between Nov. 4 and Nov. 13. So, NHL players who are currently in Switzerland, like Seguin’s Boston linemate Patrice Bergeron or the newest Ranger Rick Nash, may consider coming back to North America for a little visit–perhaps an early Thanksgiving (for American players) or just a little visit for all.

They could also use that time to potentially attend future collective bargaining meetings or meet with NHLPA officials about how things are progressing.

This could be a very good thing for Seguin. Judging from his Twitter as of late, it seems like he could use some time with his pals who are still on this continent:

Ignore the misuse of there and the lack of apostrophe in what should be one’s–although Seguin has actually given some more thought to pursuing higher education as well:

Seguin has been doing well with Biel, getting a hat trick recently and putting up 15 points to date, plus he should expect a new linemate named Patrick Kane soon. But when he comes back to the States and Canada, his family and friends might want some of Switzerland’s famous chocolates along with stories of success with the Swiss.

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