Will Derek Roy Be Back With The Vancouver Canucks Next Year?

By Randy Holt
Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

The Vancouver Canucks managed to grab one of the bigger prizes off of the free agent market when they traded for Derek Roy. Of course, that didn’t work out the way they would have liked, due to a combination of Roy’s struggles and the fact that the Canucks were eliminated from the postseason earlier than expected. Again.

The scenario for pretty much any team looking at Roy heading into the trade deadline was that he was going to be a rental. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the door is closed on him returning to the Canucks. But just how likely is it that he will be back next year?

Overall, the season was pretty disappointing for Roy, whether it was in Vancouver or in Dallas. He ended the regular season with only 28 points combined between the two stops, with only six of those coming after he was traded at the deadline.

During the postseason, Roy was virtually a ghost, as the Canucks were swept out of the postseason in the first round. He wasn’t the reason that they failed to get over the playoff hump, but he was certainly a factor, with only one assist for the series, as well as a putrid 34 percent success rate at the faceoff dot.

What Roy ended up bringing to the table for the Canucks certainly wasn’t worth the $4 million cap hit that he carried during the 2013 season. Of course, the Canucks didn’t have to pay all of that.

Heading into the summer, Roy is in the upper tier of free agents available, in what is once again a thin free agent class. Meaning that rather than taking a paycut from that $4 million, he could even see a slight raise from that. Which will probably lead to his exit from Vancouver.

Barring some unforeseen chain of events, it appears that Derek Roy’s short, disappointing tenure with the Canucks will come to an end this summer.

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