Molson Canadian Rant Off: Short-Handed or Power Play Goals in NHL Playoffs?

By Jeric Griffin

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One of the oldest debates in hockey is also one of the best: which is better, the short-handed goal or the power play goal? It’s like choosing between a sweep or a Game 7 thriller win; how can you go wrong with either one?

But some hockey fans beg to differ. Indeed, some are very passionate about the power play goal being more valuable in the NHL Playoffs than the short-handed goal and vice versa. Naturally, two of us here at Rant Sports disagree as well.

Short-handed goals are the epitome of an underdog play and the Stanley Cup Playoffs are all about the underdog. After all, there are more upsets every year in the Stanley Cup Playoffs than any other postseason, so it fits. A perfectly-timed short-handed goal can turn the tide of a series for an underdog team and a string of such goals can make the difference in a cute Cinderella run or an improbable title chase, just like the one the Los Angeles Kings experienced last year.

On the other hand, power play goals can absolutely demoralize an opposing squad, especially if executed well by a juggernaut team. In addition, many believe the threat of the power play goal will keep teams from playing physical, which can certainly turn the tide of any game.

So what do you think? Are short-handed goals or power play goals more valuable in the NHL Playoffs? Comment below and let us know!

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