Will New York Rangers Go After Big Buff?

By Steven Carollo
Dustin Byfuglien

The Winnipeg Jets star defenseman Dustin Byfuglien is supposedly on the trading block.

Now why would the Jets want to get rid of all that size, scoring ability and flexibility? Well that’s the thing. Last season, Byfuglien proved to be less flexible and more size than expected. What I mean by this is that Byfuglien had a very inconsistent season due to a bad fitness cycle, in which by the end of the season he weighed approximately 302 pounds.

In seasons past, however, Byfuglien has shown to gain weight in the offseason but then go back down to 286 pounds by the start of the regular season. But this year, he was unable to keep down the weight for the entire strike shortened season.

His weight is definitely of some concern, but I believe that even with Byfuglien overweight and with a $5.2 million cap hit over the next three seasons, he is still trade-able and would love to see him in a New York Rangers jersey next season.

I mean if being overweight was Byfuglien’s reason for having an inconsistent season then what the heck is Michael Del Zotto‘s excuse every year?

I don’t think there would be any Rangers fans in the world who wouldn’t love to see a Del Zotto for Byfuglien deal. Yes, Byfuglien makes about $3 million more a year than Del Zotto, but that extra money goes to a player with bigger upside. That’s not a jab at his weight; he has better scoring ability and plays better defense.

Also, Big Buff plays a physical style that the Rangers extremely lacked last season and can play multiple positions. He has played right wing a lot in his career, which is something Del Zotto cannot do and has never done.

With a Brad Richards buyout also in the works, I see no reason why the Rangers should not at least attempt to go after Byfuglien this offseason.

We will just have to wait and see I guess.


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