What Is Dustin Penner's Worth To Los Angeles Kings?

By Isaak Koenka
Rob Grobowski – USA Today Sports

Dustin Penner may not be affordable after all, but the Los Angeles Kings fans may not only miss out on his brand of hockey.

A big factor in the team’s run in winning the Stanley Cup in 2012, what he has is personality. He is one of the most available players to the fans, and is one of the best and funniest follows among his peers on on Twitter. That is great when he is in form as a pure goal scorer and power forward, but when he is off, he’s no better than a fourth-line thug.

So what do the Kings think that is worth for a season: a little over $3 million? That’s almost $500,000 for each goal he scored this regular season. Soon-to-be RFA Jordan Nolan makes that for a whole season.

On the other hand, Penner will likely take a cut in any organization due to his poor performance last regular season. He is expensive and not allowed to play on the penalty kill. His value won’t increase as much as a player like others will on the July 5. There is no need to rush for the Kings to and try to fit him onto the roster, still be capable of matching any offers the RFAs will get, and somehow sign Rob Scuderi on top of it all.

It is probably impossible, but the winger deserves an NFL-type of deal. They could base everything entirely on individual and team performance plus the league minimum, with bonuses occurring at certain gates in the categories of games played, plus/minus, goals, power play goals and game-winning goals. Overtime goals would get extra.

It would sort of work like a fantasy H2H league. His pay would vary each week. I think this might keep him motivated and playing hard because that seems to be his trouble.

Another note? Penner is the only player to move via an offer sheet since the implementation of the CBA following the lockout of the 90s.

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