Teemu Selanne Wants More Minutes With Anaheim Ducks

By Ellie Pourang
Teemu Selanne
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

I’d put my money on Teemu Selanne playing one more season with the Anaheim Ducks. Besides, it wouldn’t be a summer without hockey fans anticipating whether Selanne will give us just one more year, and fans everywhere are watching for some concrete clues.

Although he’s been seen practicing on Anaheim ice in recent weeks and meeting with Ducks GM Bob Murray, which Murray called “positive”, it’s still nerve-wracking to know that by next week, Selanne may (or may not) be retired.

For eight years in a row, he was Anaheim’s superstar, and this could be the end of the Selanne era unless he rules out retirement at age 43. Because hockey season starts in only 40 days, bad news is not something fans want to hear in such short notice. I mean, we’re already upset when Bobby Ryan was traded, but Selanne retiring is too much.

Coach Bruce Bourdeau will determine Selanne’s current role with the Ducks. Last year was Bourdeau’s first full season as coach, and Selanne played at an average of two minutes less than previous seasons. If Selanne decides to return, he only requests one thing: more minutes on ice.

And let’s face it, Anaheim needs that. That’s not to say younger players like Kyle Palmieri and newcomer Jakob Silverberg aren’t already great, but Selanne has shown no sign of slacking because of his age. He is one of the best players on the team and in the sport. If he decides to go for one more year, Boudreau better settle for a much-needed request of more minutes on ice.

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