Why Is Taylor Pyatt Still Playing For New York Rangers?

By Steven Carollo
Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

One shocking development coming out of training camp for the New York Rangers was the fact that Taylor Pyatt actually made the team.

Last season, after starting off good with a few goals, Pyatt drastically took a downward spiral into the void and was never able to climb his way out. In layman’s terms, Pyatt was ineffective and invisible for 99 percent of last season.

Well obviously it was fully known that it would be hard for the Rangers to trade Pyatt, so he would most likely still be on the roster come 2013-14. But since everyone deserves a second chance, and with the team getting a new head coach, I figured maybe Pyatt can turn things around and thrive under Alain Vigneault.

Preseason rolled around, and I honestly did not even know that Pyatt played. He looked exactly like he did last season, and many felt that the Rangers just had to release him, put him on waivers, send him down to the AHL, or plainly scratch him from the lineup.

When preseason ended, Pyatt was shockingly one of the last 23 standing. How?

How can Pyatt make the team over someone like Darroll Powe, who at least contributes his good penalty kill ability? What in the world does Pyatt contribute?

So the Rangers are now in the regular season and as the team took the ice for their opening night game, once again Pyatt was not noticeable at all. I mean, the Rangers did lose 4-1 last night and since most of the team forgot to show up anyway, I guess Pyatt just wanted to fit in.

I hate to be harsh, but frankly Pyatt is just a waste of space on this Rangers team, and I think it would better serve the team and himself if he were to play somewhere else.

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