Brad Marchand Lacking Points Hurts Boston Bruins

By Tony Tranghese
Bob DeChiara- USA TODAY Sports

Brad Marchand needs to get it together and he needs to get it together quickly. The little ball of hate has been anything but that so far this year. What happened to the Marchand that was face washing guys in front of he net, moving his legs, and just being a complete pain while putting up points?

Claude Julien has already moved him off of a line with Patrice Bergeron and has him skating on the third line. The third line? If you can’t produce with Bergeron and Loui Eriksson, what makes you think he is going to produce with Chris Kelly? Not to mention now what happens when Carl Soderberg is ready to come back into the line up? Before it just seemed obvious to move someone off the third line. Well now you have a problem. Are you really going to move Kelly or Marchand? Probably not. If for any other reason than the fans might go insane.

The next few games should show us a lot. After getting through the first 10 games, slow starts should start to turn and fast starts should start to fade. Either way the Boston Bruins still look good despite a few early season losses. The Bruins are also getting point production from places they weren’t expecting to during the preseason. As long as the Bruins can win the games they are supposed to win they should set themselves up nicely for a playoff run. Marchand just makes the Bruins a lot more fun to watch.

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