Inconsistent New York Rangers Are No Threat In The Eastern Conference

By Steven Carollo
Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

How can anyone take this New York Rangers team seriously?

They are down then up and then back down again.  Inconsistency is always a killer, which is what the Rangers are right now, but let’s just say they eventually find themselves and play consistent for an extended period of time. This afternoon’s game against the Boston Bruins proves my point that even consistency for the Rangers will not help them go any further than the first or second round, and that is if they even end up making the playoffs.

The Rangers have speed, which is good, but very little size and finishers from both the forward and defensive positions.  The Bruins have speed mixed with size and can finish off plays with ease with both their forwards and even their defensemen, something the Rangers seriously lack.

When you talk about teams like the Bruins, every single player of theirs who touches the ice and has the puck has the ability to put the puck in the net.  For the Rangers you can count on one hand who is going to score their goals.  Do you honestly think other teams don’t know this?

I mean if the Rangers were in the Western Conference they would be basement dwellers.  The lack of skill and competitiveness on this team outside of a few names is just appalling.  I am a Rangers fan, believe it or not, but I have to laugh when people honestly believe this team is ready to win the Cup.  Which cup are you talking about?  A souvenir cup?

A Stanley Cup is won by teams who have size, speed, skill, grit, and heart, and the Rangers have very little of all of those qualities in what it takes to win the Cup.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:  The Rangers are years away from realistically contending for the Stanley Cup.  Even if the Rangers trade for a natural goal scorer this season, okay so now they would have two guys that can score instead of one.  Teams that depend on one or two guys to do everything win nothing in this league, but every year the Rangers organization and a good number of fans fail to grasp this concept which just boggles my mind to no end.

All in all, not only are the Rangers not a threat to win the cup this season, but  they are not even a threat in the Eastern Conference.  Too many flaws and inconsistencies are every teams’ downfall not strength.  You can pray for a miracle if you want because that is the only way this Rangers team is making a deep playoff run this season.

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