These Chicago Blackhawks Are Frustrating

By Paul Chancey
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

It happened again, they lost a big game. The Chicago Blackhawks lost a game they could have — and needed to — won against the Colorado Avalanche. They have now fallen to third place in the Central Division behind the Avs and St. Louis Blues. The fact that both of these teams have had the Blackhawks’ number is already concerning. What’s just as concerning is that the Blackhawks have been losing important games all year.

It’s bad enough that they’ve lost to both these teams. At times, they’ve looked sluggish against teams like the Winnipeg Jets or the New York Rangers — who swept them! — before coming back and beating good teams like the Anaheim Ducks and Boston Bruins. Inconsistency is a problem that’s been addressed multiple times, but it’s getting exceptionally aggravating when it looks as if they’ve regained their stride only to lose a game they should win.

Of course, it’s naive to assume that a team is going to win every single game during a regular season, especially one that was interrupted by the Olympics. It can also grate on fans of weaker teams when they see Blackhawks fans complaining about their team’s struggles. But when your team is expected to be dominant and falls to third place in their division, it can get very nerve-wracking.

The aforementioned inconsistency doesn’t help one bit, especially when big stars aren’t producing like they should be. All of this is making the concerns about whether they can repeat as Stanley Cup Champions louder. If the Blackhawks don’t regain their consistency, those concerns could not only be validated, but the round they fail to repeat could be earlier than fans want.

If you think that Blackhawks fans are a little spoiled and whining about a bad season, watch two Blackhawks games in succession. Chances are, they’ll be very different. The frustration comes when fans start to think they’re starting to rebuild their stride, only to lose a game they should have won. It’s the same story for any fan of any team. They say adversity is good for any team. Might as well prove that right!

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