Casey Drottar

Kevin Love Scrutiny Has Gotten Out of Control

Despite the Cleveland Cavaliers' recent success, the media continues to create controversies with Kevin Love, and it's gotten out of hand. Read More

Tampering Case Brings Pats-Jets Rivalry to New Low

The Patriots and Jets are just embarrassing themselves by filing petty tampering charges against each other Read More

Vikings Trading Peterson is Hardly a Sure Thing

Adrian Peterson may assume telling the Vikings he wants out will help the cause, but there is much more he needs to consider if he truly wants to be traded. Read More

Hard Knocks Would Be Bad for Browns' Manziel

The Cleveland Browns are reportedly a front-runner to be on HBO's Hard Knocks this summer, which would not be the best thing for Johnny Manziel. Read More

Losing Durant Likely a Fatal Blow for Thunder

With the announcement of Kevin Durant being shut down for the season, it's tough to see the Oklahoma City Thunder returning to the postseason. Read More

Pouncey Wrong to Blame Media for Comments

Maurkice Pouncey claims the "coward" remark wasn't about Mike Wallace and the media is spinning this, but it's tough to believe this is true. Read More

Winston Skipping the NFL Draft is the Right Call

While it may seem odd for the potential top pick of the 2015 NFL Draft to watch from home, there are reasons why Jameis Winston is making the right decision. Read More

Cameron Saga Another Failure in Browns Offseason

Yesterday's report of Jordan Cameron spurning Cleveland for Miami proves there may be no end to the Browns' miserable offseason. Read More

Trade for Graham Will Raise Wilson's Price Tag

Not only did the Seattle Seahawks get better by acquiring Jimmy Graham, but they raised the amount of money they'll need to pay Russell Wilson. Read More

Gore's Move Proves Player Unease with Chip Kelly

Frank Gore backing out of his deal with the Eagles proves Chip Kelly's strange moves are rubbing some people the wrong way Read More