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Casey Drottar

Adrian Peterson Isn’t Worth Trouble for Vikings

The Vikings front office is meeting with Adrian Peterson today to try and convince him to return to the team, but if you ask me, he's not worth the effort. Read More

McCown Expecting to Start is Bad News for Browns

The Browns' signing of Josh McCown was questionable enough, but with his stating he anticipates being the team's starter, things are only getting uglier in Cleveland. Read More

Rumors of LeBron's Demise Were Exaggerated

Thanks to his incredible resurgence after returning from injury, nobody seems to be wondering if LeBron James is past his prime anymore. Read More

Rose Injury Could Close Bulls’ Title Window

With the latest severe injury to Derrick Rose, you have to wonder just how much longer these Chicago Bulls can contend for a title. Read More

Yankees' Alex Rodriguez in No-Win Situation

If this latest report about Yankees execs being mad about Alex Rodriguez showing up to camp early tells us anything, it's that the controversial player is in for a long season of scrutiny. Read More

Dumping Jackson was Thunder’s Best Move

Say what you want about the players Oklahoma City acquired yesterday, the best accomplishment for them was sending an angry Reggie Jackson packing Read More

Making Sense of Garnett’s Return to Minnesota

Many around the league see Kevin Garnett's return to the Timberwolves as a peculiar move, but there are more than a few reasons why this isn't the case at all. Read More

Goran Dragic is Screwing Over the Suns

By giving the Phoenix Suns last-minute notice he has no intention of returning, Goran Dragic is forcing them to scramble to make a quality deal. Read More

Lack of Interest in Ray Rice is Not Surprising

According to many reports, Ray Rice has yet to receive a single phone call from a team interested in signing him, something which should come as no surprise to anyone. Read More

Suns Must Try to Trade Goran Dragic

Despite Goran Dragic being a favorite among fans and front office in Phoenix, the team must try to deal the star guard before next week's trade deadline. Read More