Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin Are Key to the Dallas Stars Making the Playoffs

By Will Billinghurst


Jamie Benn, Tyler Seguin
Getty Images

The Dallas Stars are the best Western Conference team and are tied for second best in the NHL, which makes it easy to predict that the Dallas Stars will make the 2015-16 NHL Playoffs. The reason for their success this season is due to the team’s dangerous offense in the duo of Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin.

Benn and Seguin have once again put up incredible offensive numbers. In 22 games Benn has 32 points and Seguin has 31 points. Last season Dallas seemed to rely exclusively on just Benn and Seguin to win games and ended up missing the playoffs by just seven points. Dallas was able to get just within reach of the playoffs, but was ultimately held back by goaltending and a lack of defense.

Last season Dallas was second in the NHL with scoring, putting up a massive total of 261 goals. The reason why Dallas missed the playoffs last season was because they let in far too many goals. Dallas was scored on 260 times, which was fourth worst in the NHL.

Dallas is once again second in scoring in the NHL with 78 goals, but this season they have let in only 57 goals. The difference between this season and last season is noticeable, particularly in net.

Dallas has been alternating between Kari Lehtonen and Antti Niemi, which has resulted in a huge difference in Lehtonen’s quality of play this season with both an improved goals-against average and save percentage compared to last season.

The improved play in net has given Benn and Seguin the support they need, which has allowed Dallas to become one of the best teams in the NHL. If Dallas’ goaltending can stay consistent along with the duo of Benn and Seguin continuing to score, then Dallas will not only make the playoffs but also be in contention for the Stanley Cup.

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