Fight Breaks Out In Stands During Detroit Red Wings vs. Columbus Blue Jackets

By Twitter

Being a visiting fan at any professional sporting event isn't easy, especially if you are hardheaded and refuse to make an attempt to avoid conflict. On Tuesday night, a Detroit Red Wings fan learned this to be the case the hard way as he got involved in an altercation against a Columbus Blue Jackets fan, and was ultimately removed from the arena in handcuffs. <blockquote class="twitter-video" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr"><a href="">@TheCBJArtillery</a> <a href="">@SportsCenter</a> <a href="">@SportsNation</a> Part 2/2 <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; Jon Boyd (@TheOnlyBoyd) <a href="">March 9, 2016</a></blockquote> <script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script>

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