New Arena Will Fix DePaul Blue Demons "Huge Recruiting Disadvantage"

By Dave Daniels
Dave Daniels- Rant Sports

I recently attended a town hall meeting at DePaul University about the new stadium plan and there were quite a few detractors in attendance. Have to admit that I do not feel the same way. Now if I were only an Illinois tax payer and not a DePaul alumnus who likes basketball? Then it might be a different story indeed. This arena will do wonders for the Blue Demons basketball program and for the DePaul brand in the big picture as well.

“We’re at a huge recruiting disadvantage because our arena is not on campus,” men’s basketball assistant head coach Ron Bradley said. “Kids come back to us and say the facilities are so much better somewhere else.”

In a few years that will no longer be the case, and the coaching staff will also be able to sell playing in front of their families to the Chicago area recruits. It is a talent pool that is quite rich every year and recently in particular has been a hotbed for the truly elite basketball talent. Recently saw Doug Gottlieb’s tweet and I have to agree.

Basketball has never been more popular and it is sure to bring a lot of business to that area of Chicago, which will helpfully benefit the city in a positive way going forward. I have been in touch with the PR people at DePaul and I will look forward to seeing their first true home game.

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