Jabari Parker Has Not Officially Said If He Will Go On Mormon Mission or Not

By Dave Daniels
Jabari Parker
Guy Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Recently saw the tweet below and it reminded me that Jabari Parker has not stated officially or publicly if he will attend a Mormon mission.

Granted this is definitely a long shot; for a young elite basketball player to essentially take two years away from their development could be detrimental to Parker’s game down the line.

It would definitely be unprecedented unless you count Shawn Bradley as an elite player. Sidenote: I don’t. Although he is featured on many dunk posters, because he made for a great 7’3″ prop to many of the leagues stars.

My gut is telling me that Parker will not attend a mission, but I will say that it would not surprise me to see him stay in school for two or three years. (Especially if he doesn’t go home with a national title next year.)

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