Duke Blue Devils Forward Jabari Parker Stops By Brooklyn Nets Practice

By Dave Daniels
Jabari Parker
Guy Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

The Brooklyn Nets practiced for a bit at the Duke Blue Devils facilities recently, and wouldn’t you know it but forward Jabari Parker even had a couple chances to drop in on practice. The former Simeon Academy four time state champion is probably quite glad he picked the Blue Devils right about now, and the start of the regular season is just around the corner folks. The November 12th matchup that Parker has against forward Andrew Wiggins will be one you should not miss. Thanks to the tweet below from Duke basketball, which also features a picture.

The Blue Devils are closing in on another potential huge recruiting coup, but mostly Blue Devil nation should be excited about Parker. My regular readers know that he is my pick to win ACC freshman of the year, and I also expect the Blue Devils to win the ACC this year.

In any case, having pro players around cannot help but make Parker a better player. He already has a pro player’s work ethic, but it is always nice to get a few tips from those who are already where he wants to be.

Check out a piece later today on how Parker’s rebound and defense are going to be key for the Blue Devils, and cannot wait to see the Stormin’ Mormon take the floor this year.

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