Jabari Parker Called "Regular Guy" By Duke Blue Devil Teammate

By Dave Daniels
Jabari Parker
Guy Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Duke Blue Devils guard Rodney Hood apparently thinks Jabari Parker is just a “regular guy”, but this regular guy was recently picked by ESPN as the preseason ACC player of the year. The Blue Devils will be playing with high expectations this season, and if they do not win the ACC it will likely be viewed as a disappointing season.

The Duke coaching staff certainly likes what they see out of Parker, but they are also stressing patience.

“Whenever a youngster comes in with outstanding talent like he has, but a learning curve like all of them do, they would always benefit from going to a veteran team,” Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski said at ACC media day. “That’s not going to be the case for Jabari. He has a lot to learn, and he wants to learn. But who he is initially will not be as good as he will be later in the year. I just want him to not feel the pressure of trying to be a completed product right away. Because that’s not going to happen.”

Watching where Parker’s game lands at the end of the year will be a thrill, and here is hoping that there are no injury issues that pop up in the ACC because it should be a competitive and exciting year. Now we’ll just see if Parker can live up to all this preaseason hype, or there will be some Harrison Barnes-like troubles to start off the year.

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