Marcus Smart Wants to Guard Andrew Wiggins in Big 12 Matchup

By Dave Daniels
Brian Spurlock- USA TODAY Sports

Marcus Smart was asked recently if he wanted to guard Andrew Wiggins when they meet up in Big 12 play this year. His response was pretty baller, although it will backfire if Oklahoma State ends up losing the matchup.

“Definitely,” Smart says. “I am not going to back down from any challenge. Like I said, you are going to have to prove to me. I am a fighter; I will keep fighting and will never give up.”

For now Smart has no fears, but that might change if Wiggins dunks it on the point’s head a couple of times. You can read Gary Parrish’s full piece below, which I highly recommend doing.

Smart thinks that it is just a lot of hype at this point, so we will have to see how Wiggins responds to the words below.

“They are saying he is the best college player there is and he has not even played a game yet,” Smart told USA TODAY Sports. “Of course that hypes me up. It is all talk.”

Shots fired across bows folks, I am just here to make you aware of it. This is going to be a fun competitie dynamic to keep track of, and you can bet that perspectives will change a bit once they get to see each other play.

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