Fran Fraschilla Is Believer in Washington Huskies PG Nigel Williams-Goss

By Dave Daniels
Rant Sports- Dave Daniels

Nigel Williams-Goss had just about as fantastic a college career as you can have, and you can bet that he will be in the running for conference player of the year.

He is such a hard worker that I fully expect him to come into the season with an even greater improved game.

Also you can count Fran Fraschilla among the young point’s believers, which he was convinced by none other than the great Paul Biancardi.

Enjoy Fraschilla’s interviews as well and he did one with Andrew Wiggins lately that is definitely worth checking out.

If you insist on the way of pain (sorry last LOTR reference today), then you could choose to believe in someone else. But my money next year is going to be on Williams-Goss to win freshman of the year and possibly even conference player of the year if the Huskies make a truly huge leap. He is a point guard with the ability to take them to that next level, and it will be really freaking fun to watch college b-ball this season.

Was lucky enough to see the young man ball at the National High School Invitational in Bethesda, and if luck continues to favor me then I hope to go again. The young point’s passion for the game impressed me, although in the future he will need to accept failure and victory with the same face. For inspiration, you can check out Larry Legend “non-reacting to Reggie Miller’s buzzer beater on youtube. Classic stuff.

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