Dixie Carter Addresses TNA Wrestling Fans

By Damian Seeto
Dixie Carter TNA Message
Image from Dixie Carter – Twitter

TNA Wrestling president Dixie Carter has responded to wrestling fans in a long blog post about her job and what she has to do.

This is in direct response to the many outrageous “questions” people left for her on Twitter. Carter had asked fans to fire her questions using the hashtag #AskDixie. Most question and answer sessions on Twitter are friendly, but I’m sure Carter wasn’t expecting the type of response she was about to get. A lot of fans “trolled” her and asked questions that may have offended her.

Some of the questions were ridiculous, like if Chris Benoit will return to wrestle in TNA. Others were funny, such as asking if Booker T was still coming to get Hulk Hogan. The question that may have been both relevant but offensive to Carter is why she has released so many wrestlers in the past few days.

Many fans are upset that she released Jesse Sorenson from the payroll. Sorenson literally broke his neck for the company and Carter promised him that he’d always have a job with TNA. Sorenson said she broke her promise when she fired him a couple of days ago.

In her blog post, she mentioned releasing talent “is never easy – not for you and not for us”. She noted though that the talent could always return, as they have brought back former wrestlers in the past.

Carter also noted she will answer questions on a weekly basis, but she will ignore questions that are outlandish.

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