Fan Attacks Randy Orton Below the Belt

By Damian Seeto
Randy Orton Got Attacked
Image from Randy Orton – WWE Universe Facebook

A serious situation unfolded over the weekend when Randy Orton was attacked by a fan.

The attacked happened at a live event in Cape Town, South Africa. Orton was posing on the top turnbuckle after his match like normal until he was attacked from behind.

Orton did not see the fan running to the ring as his back was turned. Not only did this fan punch Orton, but he hit him on his “private parts.” Naturally, Orton fell down in a heap, but thankfully recovered quickly.

The security then rushed to the ring and escorted the fan out of the arena. Orton obviously got mad and tried to stomp the fan in retaliation.

As of time of writing, the fan remains in police custody and will be charged. WWE is unsure if Orton got injured during the incident, although video footage shows that he was visibly able to walk considering he got punched in a very sensitive area.

I’m pretty shocked that the security at the event took a long time to stop the attack from happening. The fan was in the middle of the ring for several seconds before he advanced on Orton.

This isn’t the first time a fan jumped over the rail to pick a fight with a WWE wrestler. Somebody tried to get “naked” during the main event of WrestleMania 23 back in 2007. Security managed to restrain the man before he took off all of his clothing. Another incident I remember was when a fan tried to punch Eddie Guerrero on a Raw episode back in 2002.

Sadly, this fan ruined the chance for other fans to meet and greet their favorite wrestlers. WWE decided to cancel the event due to the assault. It will be sad if the company chooses not to visit South Africa ever again due to the actions of one stupid man.

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